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Our Story....

 Well, it all started on the farm!  Not many years ago we all knew what good food was, we enjoyed it almost everyday of our life. it is true that the farm had its hard work and that it was not always an easy life. But looking back the common things that were shared and enjoyed were most often the wonderful bounty that came from the land that we owned and farmed and the animals that we raised. The joy of sharing a meal together and taking the time to visit and enjoy the company of friends and kinfolk. The simple pleasure of good honest food and stories from the past seem to slow the mind and temper the senses into plain and pure enjoyment. Here at the Southern Farm Table we pride ourselves in making each meal special. From our Friday Night and Saturday Night Buffet to  our Sunday Dinner Buffet. You hear the term "like Grandma" a lot but truly we remember the days when Sunday afternoon brought us all the southern standards a table could hold. Chicken and Dressing is often found along with Chicken and Dumplings all made in our kitchen from scratch. And of course when our doors are opened you will always find Southern Fried Chicken, And Alabama and Mississippi Premium Pond Raised Catfish. Several other entrees and sideboards full of wonderful vegetables and sides all prepared in the essence of real Southern Farm Cooking. Fresh Baked Farmhouse loafs of bread with butter that had a cow nearby when it came to be!. And the finish to a perfect meal is always the dessert selection, several different options each week might include Homemade Ice Cream, Coconut Cream Pie, Fudge Pie, Peach Cobbler to Banana Puddings with Homemade Vanilla Wafers, Our Dessert selection just wont quit! And remember we can box up a pie or cake and any other dessert from out bakery to take home with you.  You deserve to eat a great meal and have a great time!  Take a little drive out in the country and JOIN US AS WE BRING FOOD LIKE IT WAS BEFORE IT GOT LIKE IT IS!!


OUR MENU CHANGES WEEKLY BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND OUR TASTY CATFISH AND SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN!!! Most of our side vegetables are fresh when we can get them and seasonal from sources usually no more than a State away.